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Accessible Niagara


Accessible Niagara is a website focused on opening Niagara to people with disabilities. It is an acting guide detailing what establishments and areas are equipped for wheelchairs or scooters. The site is broken into almost 20 sections of attractions, shopping, restaurants and more, allowing anyone to create a detailed itinerary for their trip to Niagara.

Trip Planning Tips for Persons With Disabilities

Accessibility is a right, not a privilege. For individuals with disabilities, planning a trip should involve five considerations:

  1. Plan Ahead; know where you are going, how you are getting there and where you are staying. Being informed is the easiest way to make sure your trip runs smoothly.
  2. Make a Friend; talk to others about their travelling experience. Get to know the tips and tricks used by individuals from an online community.
  3. Consider Alternatives to the Group Tour; challenges may arise regarding transportation and accessibility. Don’t hesitate to explore alternative options to suit your needs.
  4. Use Your Hotel's Concierge; they are there to help! Use their knowledge and recommendations to aid in your travel adventures.
  5. Organize Your Day; make a conscious effort to ensure every detail is well thought-out and understood by everyone involved.

Although planning a trip can be hectic, by following these guidelines you can ensure your time in Niagara will be enjoyable. For more information, on these tips, click here.

Accessible Niagara Interview With Linda Crabtree

Linda Crabtree created AccessibleNiagara.com with her colleague Eileen Zarafonitis to help travelers with disabilities find all of the hidden gems within the Niagara Region. She has never let her disability stop her from discovering accessible attractions, restaurants, lodging and festivals within the area. Her interview provides a first-hand account towards the development within Niagara regarding the accomodation of individuals with disabilites.

Her interview can be found here.

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