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About Niagara


Welcome to the Niagara Region

For centuries, Canada’s Niagara Region has exerted its magnetic pull on travellers from every corner of the world.

The attractions are abundant and appealing. With its spectacular natural setting between two Great Lakes and bordering the Niagara River, the region is a peninsula that rises up into a towering escarpment. And while Niagara Falls may be the area’s most famous natural attraction, it is just one of Niagara’s many wonders.

Niagara is comprised of 12 distinct and vibrant communities, all just a short drive from one another. They range from cities, urban in look and attitude, to towns and villages, rural and relaxed in nature, with each offering its own unique choice of recreational and educational opportunities.

For multicultural travellers, Niagara's culturally diverse population allows visitors to travel confident in the knowledge that all are openly welcome regardless of race, religion, nationality or choice of lifestyle.

Joined to New York State by four international bridges, Peace Bridge, Rainbow Bridge, Whirlpool Bridge (Nexus pass holders only) and Queenston-Lewiston Bridge, Niagara, Canada is minutes from Buffalo and within 1 1/2 hour drive from Toronto.

With its incredible diversity and proximity, Niagara, Canada is a true original and a world class destination that draws people back time and time again.

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